Sick of travelling over 100 km to the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane to get high-quality, high-performance 4X4 suspension upgrades and lift kits fitted to your vehicle?

Well, the good news is that you can now get both lift kits and 4X4 suspension upgrades fitted locally in the Maryborough and Fraser Coast areas! 

That’s right here at Core Diesel we have the technology and the expertise to fit  4X4 suspension upgrades and lift kits to vehicles in the Maryborough and Fraser Coast areas, which means you get the same great quality and service without having to put extra KM on the clock or take off precious time from your work. Just keep reading to find out more. 

What Are 4×4 Suspension Upgrades And Lift Kits? 

Lift kits contain all the parts required to lift a particular 4X4 or SUV, along with instructions on how to complete the task properly. What’s in each lift kit differs depending on the 4X4 or SUV model in question, but often they will include a range of parts such as drive shafts, new suspension, and drivetrain parts. 

What Is The Purpose Of  4×4 Suspension Upgrades And Lift Kits? 

The purpose of suspension upgrades and lift kits is to give 4X4 vehicles and SUVs more clearance from the ground. Being higher up is helpful for these types of vehicles for many reasons. Although the primary one has to be because it means they can more easily navigate difficult terrain without risk of collision or damage to bodywork, which is crucial for vehicles that will be used off-road. 

What Are The Other Benefits Of Having 4X4 Suspension Upgrades And Lift Kits Fitted To Your Vehicle?

In addition to much more road clearance, there are many other benefits to having 4X4 suspension upgrades and lift kits fitted to your vehicle, read about them in more detail below. 

Improved Performance 

The first of these is that once you have a lift kit fitted, you will also be able to fit bigger tires into your vehicle. This is important because bigger tires will improve the performance of your 4X4, making sure more surface area hit the road or terrain surface, so driving in deep snow, wet or dry sand, and even mud is no longer a problem. 

Improved Safety

Having 4X4 suspension upgrades and lift kits fitted to your vehicle will also ensure it’s safer too. This is because lifted, or high-profile vehicles as they are also known, have a distinct advantage over un-lifted or low-profile vehicles as they provide much better visibility of the road, adding valuable seconds to the driver’s reaction time. 

Increased Comfort 

Another great benefit of getting Core Diesel to upgrade your and fit a lift kit is that it will improve the comfort of your ride. Indeed, because suspicion lift kits, spread the load your vehicle is carrying more evenly, you’ll get the smoothest and most comfortable ride, no matter what terrain you are faced with.

Easy Access To Your Vehicles Underbody

Another great reason to install a lift kit in your vehicle is that it makes it far easier to gain access to the undercarriage. Indeed, instead of having to deal with a tiny and constricted space when making investigations and repairs, you will have plenty of room to get underneath your vehicle and do what needs to be done. 

Easier Towing 

Not all SUV owners realise that another great thing about installing suspicion lifts on your SUV means it’s much easier and safer to tow. This is because raised suspension means your vehicle will be able to take the squat position on the road, without the worry that its bottom will make contact with the road surface. 


Why Choose Core Diesel For Your 4×4 Suspension Upgrades And Lift Kits

If you are located in the Maryborough and Fraser Coast areas, there are a whole range of compelling reasons to choose Core Diesel for your  4×4 Suspension Upgrades And Lift Kits. 

First of all, by choosing Core Diesel, you’ll save huge amounts of time and fuel because you won’t have to travel all the way to Brisbane or Sunshine Coast for high-quality parts and fitting. 

Secondly, our dependable staff who are professional, well-trained and highly experienced in fitting lift kits will help you choose the right one, and get it fitted ASAP. 

Our highly qualified experts are also on hand o help you with any other improvements or issues with your vehicle too. 

Lastly, we offer all this at a reasonable price and with no sales pressure.

For 4x4 suspension upgrades and lift kits, contact Core Diesel today!